Introducing Best Frens (🐰,🐰)

Stackers, today we’re announcing the launch of Best Frens, the easiest way to stack more tickets with friends.

If you’re a Golden Ticket holder, fill out this quick form and get 2 Lifetime Tickets airdropped: +1 to your fren and +1 to you! (🐰,🐰)

In addition, every time your frens claim a total of 5 Golden Tickets, you get +1 Golden Ticket as well. This works whether one of your frens claims 5 Golden tickets, or five of your frens claim 1 Golden ticket each. Either way, you get +1 bonus Golden ticket. 🥂

You can access the form at anytime using this short link:

P.S. Only Golden Ticket holders are eligible for this offer. Tickets are airdropped within 24 hours.

Happy hunting and good luck 🍀

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