Introducing The New Economics of Lucky Charms

Hold to Earn BNB, Mint to Win PCS, and more.

Sweet Stacks
5 min readMar 6, 2023

Stackers, today we’re officially announcing a new economic model to grow the long-term value of your investment in Sweet Stacks and Lucky Charms.

Get comfy because we’re about to cover a lot of ground in a very short time. And as always, if you have any questions, head over to the chat and AMA.

No Luck, No Problem

Hold to Earn BNB from the Vault

Simply put, you no longer need to get lucky in order to win big. As the value of our vault grows, all Lucky Charms holders will benefit. Let’s go over how that works in detail.

As you know, we’re top holders in all four existing Gooodfellas collections (As of the time of publishing, we hold 98 Binions, 67 Hacked, 58 Chain Raiders, 35 MferToads, along with 11 unclaimed Chain Raiders). Lucky Charms is also the largest holder of Gooodfellas mint passes (43 MPs). In addition, we hold 71 Pixel Sweepers and 2 Pancake Squads (including 1 of just 7 Plastic Wizards).

Check out the Vault on Rareboard ️➡️

A conservative estimate puts the current market value of our vault at 165+ BNB, meaning that a mere 2x appreciation would be enough to airdrop all existing Lucky Charms holders the full mint price of their Lucky Charms in BNB (excluding the 287 Lucky Charms held by the treasury).

However, we believe that the true value of our vault is 4–5x higher than its current market value, and we’ll continue to hold and invest in undervalued NFT assets while the market catches up with our assessment. This, in turn, will mean that your Lucky Charms could return 2–4x their value in BNB without having to sell your NFTs. Win-Win. 🥂

Therefore, whether you’re minting new Lucky Charms and helping us grow the vault further, or whether you’re simply hodling, your Lucky Charms are working hard for you every day. 🌈

P.S. We’ve given away 1000 $CAKE, 16 Pixel Sweepers, 13 Binions, 6 MferToads, 5 Bitmen, 2 Chain Raiders, and 1 Hacked in the past. The value of these NFTs is not included in the above market value estimate of our vault.

P.P.S. It’s hard to estimate how long it takes the market to catch up with our fair estimate of value, so we suggest you think of your Lucky Charms holdings as a mid-to-long term investment and invest accordingly.

Earning For You

Chain Raiders P2E Game

Many of you already know that Gooodfellas is coming out with a Play-to-Earn game that launches around March 17, 2023. This new real-time strategy game will provide in-game utility for all four existing Gooodfellas collections as well as for the mint pass.

Since we’re large holders of every Gooodfellas collection to date, the launch of this game stands to greatly benefit our vault. We already earn a modest passive income from staking our sizable Gooodfellas holdings, and we believe that this new game may help us boost that income in order to keep reinvesting in our vault. 🌈

The Big Win

How We On-board the Next 5,000 Holders

A 4–5x return on your Lucky Charms investment is great, but how about a 50–100x return? In order to deliver such a phenomenal return to our long-term investors, we have to start by rethinking what an NFT can do.

To that end, we’ve started work on an innovative new product that will be the first of its kind on BNB Chain, providing Lucky Charms with a unique and unmatched utility, and helping us on-board thousands of new holders.

Development is in its early phase, so it’ll be a while before we can share any details about the product, but long-term holders will be rewarded for their patience.

Initial funding for product development will come from new mints, with 50 percent of the mint value going to the development fund, and the other 50 percent going towards new vault investments. As such, the best way to help us continue growing is to keep minting Lucky Charms. 🌈

Catch ’em All

Mint to Win

To have fun on our way to mint out, we’re introducing a new minting contest that rewards you for minting all 9 of our adorable Lucky Charms characters (🐶 🐱 🐵 🌈 🧪 💀 ☁️ ️🥞 🔥).

The rules are simple. Your goal is to mint all 9 unique characters in order to maximize your chance of winning a Pancake Squad. Every mint counts as a ticket, and every unique character multiplies your tickets.

9/9 Characters Minted: 9x Multiplier
7/9 Characters Minted: 7x Multiplier
5/9 Characters Minted: 5x Multiplier
3/9 Characters Minted: 3x Multiplier

For example, say you minted 3 Lucky Charms and got 1 Cat 🐱, 1 Flame 🔥, and 1 Rainbow 🌈. You now have 3/9 unique characters, so your 3 mints give you 9 tickets in total (3 tickets multiplied by the 3x Multiplier).

Now say you mint 3 more Lucky Charms and get 1 Ape 🐵, 1 Dog 🐶, and 1 Cat 🐱. You’ve now minted 5/9 unique characters (🐶 🐱 🐵 🌈🔥), so your 6 mints give you 30 tickets in total (6 tickets multiplied by the 5x Multiplier).

The draw to win the first Pancake Squad ends as soon as someone mints 9/9 unique characters. You can track your progress towards that goal on a leaderboard in our Telegram group with the /leaderboard command. Only new mints count, starting from token ID #1817 and above.

Good luck and happy minting. 🌈