Introducing the 1K Lottery

Exclusive draw. 50x better odds.

Sweet Stacks
2 min readFeb 25, 2022

Stackers, today we’re announcing the launch of the 1K Lottery, a side draw that gives you 50x better odds of winning 1,000 $CAKE.

Only 1,000 Golden tickets can participate in this exclusive draw, which will take place as soon as all 1,000 Golden tickets are distributed.

Two ways to get a Golden ticket

There’s no way to mint a Golden ticket. Instead, you get +1 Golden Ticket airdropped to you automatically for every 5 Sweet Stacks tickets you mint. This offer is valid until all 1,000 Golden tickets are airdropped.

And to reward new and veteran stackers alike, the top 3 minters each week get extra bonus tickets airdropped to them as well:

🥇 +3 Golden tickets for the top weekly minter.
🥈 +2 Golden tickets for second place.
🥉 +1 Golden ticket for third place.

Weekly snapshots take place on Sundays at 6:00 PM UTC, with bonus tickets airdropped within 24 hours. In the event of a tie, minters get the lower rank bonus. And to help you track the score, a leaderboard will be published on Telegram.

P.S. Bonus tickets will be airdropped to anyone who minted at least 5 tickets starting on Sunday, Feb 22.

Happy minting and good luck 🍀

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