Introducing the Baked Cake Lottery

Our sweetest prize yet.

Sweet Stacks
2 min readApr 1, 2022

Stackers, today we’re announcing the launch of the Baked Cake Lottery, an exciting new offering that will change your lottery experience forever.

Like all our products, the way it works is simple. Every Wednesday at 12:00 PM UTC, a secret number between 1 and 100 is randomly generated. Golden ticket holders are given exactly 1 minute to guess the number by spamming the Telegram group chat with the command /wen_baked_cake. Every spam entry counts as +1. And if the cumulative count of all the entries equals the secret number, the Baked Cake Lottery event is triggered and the draw begins immediately. So like we said, really simple.

But what truly sets the Baked Cake Lottery apart is the prize. No expense has been spared in making this a 10-star experience. So instead of our beloved $CAKE and NFT prizes, Sweet Stacks will fly a real-life French pastry Chef to the winner’s home anywhere in the world to bake them a delicious cake.

No destination is out of reach for our Chef, seen here flying over the Arctic. (Photo: Dan Burt)

Winners who wish to remain anonymous can provide a P.O. Box address where their delicious cake can be delivered. We make no guarantees on the state in which the cake will arrive, and we assume no responsibility for any food poisoning, injury, illness, loss of appetite or will to live, natural disaster, biblical plague, Russian invasion, or seven years of bad luck suffered as a result of consuming the product delivered.

The first Baked Cake Lottery will be held on Wednesday, April 6. Only Golden ticket holders will be eligible to participate.

Happy spamming and good luck 🍀

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